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  Our Policies

Shipping Policy
BCI Corporation uses US Priority Mail, DHL, FEDEX or UPS Ground shipping for all product shipments. All shipments require signature authorization unless expressly waived by customer in written email format. All shipping charges are the customer's responsibility for payment; these charges are added to the customer's invoice at time of shipping ex-works our factory. If customers elect to use their own accounts with respective shipping couriers they become by default the "shipping agent" and any claims due to lost or damaged goods become the account holders responsibility. If client wishes BCI to ship "freight collect" on the client's courier account, it is the client's responsibility to state if the do or do not want the goods to be insured. BCI will not insure goods unless specifically asked by said customer/client to insure goods being shipped. BCI takes no responsibility for lost or damaged goods upon pick up/shipment scan by shipping agent or carrier. International orders which require customs clearance and/or duty fees are also the sole responsibility of customer in receiving country. Tracking numbers are available with BCI shipping department.

Refund Policy
All sales are final on personalized goods. BCI charges a non-refundable $50.00 set up fee which covers the first initial production proof of the label or hangtag; $280.00 for injection molded labels; and $150.00 for etching or laser template engraving labels. Molds and laser templates are not released to said customers and remain property of BCI Corporation. The client upon entering into agreement with BCI to create label proofs, molds or laser templates hereby agrees to this policy upon providing payment for said proofs, molds or templates. Samples of customized labels are emailed as digital scan or as a physical sample by mail depending upon client request. Once the proof is accepted and approved by the client via email, fax or voice by phone call, the production is begun in ernest and all sales at that point are final. Set up charges on any labels are fixed and 1 time only unless the artwork is changed upon reordering. The set up charges are non-refundable and are based upon matching the given artwork as closely as possible given limitations of the weaving looms, injection molding tooling and or laser limitations. Limitations include size industry standard tolerances of between 1/16" to 1/4" in size variation, true cutting of ribbon based upon machinery cutting of ribbon (true 90 degree can vary by 10%) and colorfastness of yarns within tolerances of 15%. These industry standard tolerances are approved by the customer upon placing the order. The method of weaving labels involves moving parts and moving loom machinery and therefore variances in size, cutting and color fastness can have variability. While we try our best to avoid any tolerance, these tolerances above are industry standard for all woven or printed, injected label production at BCI.

Sample Kits
All sample kit orders made on line are non refundable once the kits have been opened by the customer. The kits will contain a minimum one label of each label listed on the description page of the respective label sample kit. If you order more than one style/type of kit, some duplication of labels sampling may occur. It is the customer’s responsibility to read the description of what is included in the kits to avoid unnecessary duplication of samples. Other labels may or may not be added to give a further assortment of label options depending on current production. If a specific label is missing that you wish to see and review we will make every attempt to send it to you however if it is currently in production, we have to wait until production is completed and then send it to you as an addition to the kit free of charge upon completion; this may take up to 2 weeks.

Privacy Policy
Updated 09/21/2004
We respect your right to online privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. This document outlines how we protect the information that you provide at

How Information is Collected
BCI Corporation will ask you to provide personal information in order to conduct transactions and place orders for products provided on our web site. This information may include such items as your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, credit card number, and similar items. The collection of personal information will occur at the time you place an order online or if you elect to place your order over the phone with a representative of BCI Corporation.

We utilize Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect the submission of your personal information when ordering online at our site This technology makes it safe to transmit your credit card numbers and other personal information over the Internet.

How Information is Stored
We store your personal information in secure operating environments that are not available to the public.  
Non-sharing of Personal Information
We will not sell or share your personal information with anybody outside BCI Corporation.

Payment Terms

Prepaid – All services and orders are to be prepaid upon approval of sample proofs via email, verbally by phone or in writing before goods are shipped ex-works our facility on any order below $10,000.00.

Set up Fee - $50.00 is non-refundable. Whether you call in the order and order by phone or submit the order online or in writing - BCI will charge you $50.00 for any customized woven or printed label proof/sample once you provide credit card information. You will be told you will be charged the set up fee which covers your initial proof and upon approval of your proof either by email or physical mail receipt, you will be charged the production costs associated and specified for the specific and respective label job you hired BCI to produce. Upon approval of sample proofs either verbal or written, all sales are final.

Credit – We are able to establish billable accounts with Net 30 day terms for companies who have completed, and been approved by the BCI Credit department.  Failure of a company to pay within the stated terms results in forfeiting said credit terms.

We accept  Mastercard & Visa only for prepaid orders and deposits.

In no event shall BCI Corp. be responsible for claims beyond the replacement value of any defective printed labels or in any way liable or responsible for damages of any manner whatsoever which may result from the use of the products or delay in product shipments. No liability will be incurred by BCI Corp. due to late shipments due to breakdown of looms, incorrect sizes, shortage of raw materials, inclement weather or acts of God. The above constitutes the entire obligation of BCI Corp. with respect to warranty and supersedes all warranties which may have been previously given and is in lieu of all other warranties and guarantees whether expressed, implied or statutory. No Salesperson, Representative or Agent of BCI Corp. is authorized to give any guarantee, warranty or make any representation contrary to the foregoing, unless authorized by BCI Corp. in writing and signed by President/CEO of BCI Corp.

BCI reserves the right to supply or deny supply of shown products on this website.

Terms of Sale

1. Any and ALL claims MUST be made within 5 days after receipt of goods.

2. All orders are subject to acceptance by BCI Corp.

3. No returns accepted unless authorized in writing by BCI Corp. management.

4. Delivery and billing of not over ten percent (10%) more or less than quantities ordered constitutes filling the order under trade practices.

5. Moulds and dies are property of BCI Corp. which result in pvc or woven label production.

6. In submitting copyrighted works for reproduction, the customer warrants that all necessary permissions have been obtained, and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify BCI Corp. for all costs, expenses, attorney’s fees and judgments resulting from any claim of copyright infringement.

7. Buyer/Client grants permission to BCI Corp. to use production overruns for company advertising purposes.  The advertising can be in the form of brochures, print advertising or samples to assist in the development of future BCI Corp. sales and marketing.  BCI Corp. shall not be liable for royalties or fees resulting from the use of said overruns.  If any purchaser wishes to be excluded for any promotional uses by BCI Corp. a written communication is required to be received by BCI at the time of order process.

8. BCI Corp. is not responsible for any damage to our labels that occurs during dying, stonewashing, chemical manipulation, ironing, drycleaning or any other process that involves washing with chemicals.   It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the materials which we offer are compatible with their requirements.  It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm size and accuracy of artwork, colors and fold types.  Please read artwork carefully, check the width and the length, confirm all words for spelling, confirm addresses and phone numbers, check for omissions or errors. Upon the client’s approval of the sample proof label, production begins and no refund is available.  BCI Corp. is not responsible for errors in size, color, shape, fold or label style or omissions on approved signed or verbal proofs.

9. Delivery Time
Our typical turn time for labels can be anywhere from 24 hours to 4 weeks however we offer RUSH service on some of our labels depending on the label ordered. It is the customer’s responsibility to ask the turn time needed for production and budget their time accordingly. The following turn times are listed below. By agreeing to the terms of service you are agreeing to the turn times required for production of your selected label.

Woven Labels – all wovens except damask air jet require 2 weeks + shipping. Damask air jet requires 3 weeks + shipping. Printed Labels – All printed labels require 3 weeks production turn time + shipping. Care Content labels of up to 5000pcs. can be shipped in 24 hours if order received by 3PM Pacific Standard Time but the rush service must be specifically stated and rush fee paid. PVC molded and metal labels require 3 weeks + shipping. Laser engraved labels require 3 weeks + shipping.

There is no guarantee the labels listed above will not take more or less time for production. Every effort is made to ship goods out ahead of schedule. Revisions on artwork or changes made by client prior to confirming for production will add delay to the production process.