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This section lists recent news and information.

BCI Clothing Labels Company News:
New Label Production! 2018
New Updated Color Yarn Selections For Clothing Labels - July 2016
New Website Changes
New Website Launch February 2017
Super Rush Printed Care Labels - 2016
Chrome Metal Labels - April 2013
Clothing Labels Expose`- BCI Corporation's Elegant Woven Label Selection Transforms Small Clothiers into Big Time Fashionistas
Eco-Friendly Clothing Labels - September 2015
Laser engraved clothing labels 2016
Metal Clothing Labels - 2017
New Clothing Label - Woven Grosgrain Ribbon - 2017
Florentine Collection - New Beautiful Italian Hues For Clothing Labels
Velvet Printed Clothing Labels - November 2017
Copyrighted Material 2015 Update
Rhinestone Clothing Labels - April 2014
Sequential Numbering Clothing Label Launch
New Company Website - May 2005
Shipping Policy BCI Labels, Inc. 2017

Damask Air Jet - is it really "all that"? 2016
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Cool New Clothing Label Products:
::: NEWS FLASH::: Printed Velvet Clothing Labels Now At BCI!! - November 2007
Eco-Friendly Clothing Labels - September 2008
Embroidered Cotton Tape Labels - January 2008
French Flocking 76 Lingerie Hangtags - March 2008
Iron On Cotton Clothing Label - August 2007
Laser Engraved Shell Labels - April 2007
Metal Clothing Labels - Now Available September 2006
Mini Bamboo Laser Engraved Clothing Label - December 2007
New Product - Bamboo Laser Engraved Hangtags - January 2007
November 2009 - Vintage Themed Clothing Label Couture
Ripped Sheet Printed Cotton Labels Coming August 2006
Tagless Transfer Clothing Labels - March 2006
Transparent Flexible PVC Labels August 2006
Laser Engraved Metal Clothing Labels - November 2006
Metal Hangtag Clothing Label - June 2006
Florentine Collection Clothing Labels- November 2005
Stud Transfer Labels - May 2005
Sequential Numbering Label Launch - August 2003
BCI Corporation now offers 100% recycled paper hangtag production