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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum quantity for custom label orders?


Do you offer any quantities of labels under 1000pcs?
Yes, but not customized. You can see some examples on the “Pre-Made In Stock Labels” section on the Home Page.

Can I receive a sample packet of your garment labels?
Yes. Simply click here and we will send you out a cross-section of our labels and any specific labels you would like to consider.

What is your turn time once I place my order for my clothing labels?
Typically it's about 2-7 days for the proof to be received for any of our labels on the site. A "proof" is the sample label we make for you which requires the set up fee paid. The set up fee is NON REFUNDABLE. Then upon your approval, either verbally by phone, via fax or by email of the proof scan or physical label (note: receiving a physical label will add time to your turn time!) production is begun in full. Payment for all production is due at that point.

Production turn time is in addition to proofing turn time. Therefore, for woven labels it is about 2 weeks; printed labels 3 weeks, laser engraved, metal or pvc labels also 3 weeks. Shipping is then additional depending on the mode of shipping you request at order time. If several revisions are required, then the process takes longer. So, it's very important that you have selected the artwork and logo that you want to have us produce once you email it to us.

After I email my artwork to BCI what happens next?
Once we receive your artwork we will begin a layout of your design. You will be charged for the set up fee. We will email you your artwork showing the dimensions of the label you have specified with us. Once you approve this, we run a sample proof. This is then emailed to you as a digital scan. Upon approval of this scan, we proceed and run the production. You are then charged for the production balance.

Can I get a physical sample of my clothing label before production?
Yes. However, keep in mind that if you are in a rush, it will delay your production. When we take your label proof off the loom and send it to you, it allows other jobs to take your position in the production queue. Hence, it adds about 1 week or more to the production time. Our digital scans are very high resolution and give clear definition of the label proof. Photos of labels on this website are of the same clarity.

OK, so I like my label proof but I want to make a change, is that possible?
Yes. Once we run the proof and email you a copy of the scan of the label, we can make minor adjustments. We allow only 1 refinement of the label proof so it is important that you confirm the artwork you send us is the artwork in its entirety that you wish to have produced.

Do you count the background color as an additional color on garment labels?
No. We do not count the ground color as a color. For example if your label is black with white text, your label would be considered a 1-color label and be priced accordingly.

What is the softest woven label you produce?
This would be either our Damask or our Satin Needle Loom label.

What is your most inexpensive woven label?
Taffeta 1-color.

Do you offer pricing discounts on your apparel labels?
Yes. Our pricing is structured so that any label under 2" x 2" is listed on our site as standard pricing in the drop down menus under each label. Over this size, pricing depends on the logo, artwork, number of colors and detail. Pricing discounts are available for label orders over 2000pcs.

Do you manufacture jacquard or printed tapes on roll form?
Yes. We can manufacture any logo on our tapes and supply it to you in roll form. 100 yard minimum order.

Do you allow for sewing allowance on your clothing labels?
Yes. As a rule we always add .25 " to the top or border of any label artwork for extra sewing allowance.

How do I choose my colors?
We have a pantone chart available online located on our check out page. Simply select the type of label you want to have us produce and fill in the online form. Click on the pantone chart link to bring up the color chart for your color options. We can also use coated or uncoated pantone color codes or textile pantone color codes.

What is the right size for my woven label?
That is entirely up to you, the customer. We can give you some help or advice but its best if you measure an existing label that you like or cut out paper and measure it against the space requiring a label. Trust your eye for sizing requirements and we can fine tune it on our side once we see the artwork.

Do I have to pay the set up charge when I reorder?
No. The set up charge is one time only per artwork design submitted.

What type of formats do you accept for artwork submission?
We work in PC format. Please send the artwork to in adobe illustrator version 10 or higher, jpeg, PDF, gif, bmp, power point or psd. Resolution should be at least 300 – 600 dpi.

Do you charge sales tax?
No. We are wholesale only.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, or company check.

What products do you make?
We manufacture the following: custom printed labels, personalized printed ribbon, customized printed cotton tape, cotton labels, organic cotton labels, personalized garment tag, apparel label, name label, iron on label, printed label, personalized clothing label, name tapes, name tag label for clothing, iron on name label, sew on label, woven tag, woven name label, woven embroidered label, camp iron on label, camp label, camp name tag, camp sew on label, clothing name label, shirt tag, neck label, neck tag, sequential number labels, clothing name tag, pvc labels, silicone labels, rhinestone labels, UV labels, anti-knockoff labels, cotton iron on label for camp, fabric name label, stud transfer labels, thermal activated labels, heat transfer labels, cloth tags, iron on camp label, printed nylon labels, printed nylon tape labels, jackron labels, imitation leather labels, iron on clothing label for camp, iron on iron on name label, iron on label for camp, iron on name label clothing, label tape name, name clothing label, name label for camp, handbag label, sewing label, printed ribbon, printed ribbon, woven label, personalized woven label, lingerie labels, poly satin labels, colorful labels, embossed labels, marine labels, zipper pull labels, puff labels, pillow labels, yarn injection labels, shuttle loom labels, needle loom labels, damask labels, tafetta labels, thermal transfer labels, felt labels, silk labels, outdoor labels, techincal labels, rafting labels, hiking labels, personalized ribbon, personalized ribbon, personalized woven label, printed ribbon, printed ribbons, personalized ribbon, imprinted ribbon, wedding ribbon, wedding favor ribbon, holiday ribbon, satin ribbon, gingham ribbon, satin ribbons, name tag label, namelabel, namelabels, nametape, nursing name tag, personalized label, personalized sewing label, sew in name label clothing, sew on camp label, sew on label for camp, sew on name label, cloth name tags, cloth name labels, clothing labels, cloth label, cloth tag, sew on fabric tag, sew on name tag, cash's name tape. printed ribbon, personalized ribbon, personalized ribbon, woven label, printed label, lables, name lables, iron on name lables, name lable, iron on lable, laundry lable, personalized clothing lable, name tag lable for clothing, iron on name lable, sew on lable, woven name lable, camp iron on lable, camp lable, camp sew on lable, clothing name lable, cotton iron on lable for camp, fabric name lable, iron on camp lable, iron on clothing lable for camp, iron on iron on name lable, iron on lable for camp, iron on name lable clothing, lable tape name, name clothing lable, name lable for camp, name tag lable, namelable, namelables, personalized lable, personalized sewing lable, sew in name lable clothing, sew on camp lable, sew on lable for camp, sew on name lable, cloth name lables, clothing lables.