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  Understanding Clothing Labels: Materials
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Clothing Label Materials
Clothing labels are manufactured from various types of materials, both synthetic and natural fibers. Below are some of the materials used in our clothing labels.  The yarns used in synthetic fibers are gauged in terms of thickness of denier yarns or DTEX. Some yarns have a thicker gauge than others. The finer the gauge (or smaller the denier number) the finer detail can be achieved on logos and artwork, however the opposite is true when speaking of cotton denier yarn.

We offer the following:

Can be slightly scratchy; not particularly suitable for skin contact in higher-end garments.

Softer than tafetta better suited against the skin. Has a shiny final face appearance.

Polyester yarns with opac flat finish. Excellent detail. Wide array of denier sizes and rich hue colors to accommodate any complex woven label detail.

Organic, semi-organic, twill and knit cotton labels in natural “raw” ivory ground color or bleached white.

Silicone & Rubber PVC
Injection molded labels.

Printed Satin
Thermo cured printed satin ribbon with lasting durability and stay-fast true colors.

Printed Nylon Care
Thermo cured printed nylon tape labels, soft and non-irritating against the skin. Color options available.

Various colors. Mold required to raise or lower logo emboss.

Imitation Leather
Printed or mold to make the perfect label for denim or work wear.

Various cardstock weights available. Recycled paper content. Die cuts available.

Mother of Pearl
Each piece is unique and different. Our laser engraves your logo and can also drill holes of varying diameter and location for easy sewing (button hole or single hole or 4 corners possible).

Eco-friendly and a renewable, sustainable fast-growing resource. We offer bamboo labels and hangtags in a variety of finishes in various sizes. Single or double sided engraving by laser available.

Soft and various colors, sizes are available. See our dedicated color chart online for velvet labels only. Simply click the "add to cart" button below the velvet label product.

Coconut Shell
Engraved by laser giving a truly unique look. Eco-friendly and very durable.

Various galvanized finishes give any metal label just the look you envision. Antique copper, bronze, brass and silver are available. Both etched form and laser engraved on any finish give truly classy features next to woven labels.